Until one has loved an animal,
a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.
— Anatole France

Life is better with a furry friend by your side! 
When you adopt, you not only save a life, but you make room for another dog or cat in our area shelter to have a chance at their happy tail!  
An adoption from Arkansans Assisting Homeless Animals means you are getting a fully-vetted new best friend! 
That includes spay/neuter, vaccinations, negative heartworm status, and a microchip! 

Adoption fees
ar residents $250 Puppies / $200 adults 
out of state varies with transport

Ready to meet your new best friend?



Are you looking for the calmest dog around? Well, look no further! Sweet Birdie is our gentle, chill giant! At only 3 years old, she’s already gone through quite a bit for her young age. Abandoned by her previous owners, the neighbors stepped up and cared for her until calling us. She came with a bad leg wound that required multiple skin grafts, but has since made a fantastic recovery! Birdie spends her days lounging around her foster home, and loves to sit on the back deck and watch the world go by. She’s great around all dogs, cats, and people!



Aylin is a 3 year old female hound/doberman mix. She is a proud member of the “Moonlight 5” dogs, as her and her 4 siblings were dumped on a rural county road as puppies with nothing but a bag of food and covered in 100s of fleas and ticks. Three of the siblings have been adopted, so Aylin and her sister Celina are looking for their happy tail! She does great with her foster siblings, but prefers larger dogs. She can be shy meeting new people, but she quickly warms up - especially if you have a snack!



Celina is a 3 year old female lab/hound mix. She and her sister Aylin are proud members of the “Moonlight 5” dogs, who were dumped on a rural county road as puppies with nothing but a bag of food and covered in 100s of fleas and ticks. Three of the siblings have been adopted, so it’s time for Celina and Aylin! Celina loves all the people and all the dogs! She loves to play and be outdoors, and get ready for her wiggle fits when she gets super excited! At only 50 lbs, Celina would be a great addition to your couch!



Darryl is our long-haired cutie! He came from a hard situation early in his life, so he can still be weary of new people and show some toy/treat guarding, but he’s learning to live his best life now! He’s a definite love bug with his person and is overall pretty low key. But one thing that he can’t contain his excitement for: TOYS! Darryl loves to play with toys…going through his toy basket to find just the right one! At only 12 lbs, he’d be a great little sidekick for all your upcoming adventures!



Marley is our “tri-pawd” wonder girl! She was found in a ditch, next to a busy highway, after being hit by a car. The injuries meant sweet Marley lost a back leg, but that hasn’t stopped her from living her best puppy life. At only about a year old, and already 90 lbs, Marley is a gentle Anatolian shepherd giant. Marley is a lover of all puddles (the wetter the better!), shredding toys, and meeting new people on her walks. If you’ve got room in your heart (and on your couch) for our lovable tripod,
then Marley is your girl!
Follow all of Marley’s adventures on her very own hashtag: #MarleytheTripawd



Jace is our own personal Phoenix, as he has risen from the ashes of a terrible past and is the sweetest boy! For his young life, at only about 2 years, Jace started his life on a short rope tied to a dilapidated shed, without even a dog house to call his own. But now he’s doing so well in his foster home, and his hard past hasn’t dimmed his light for life and loving all his people! His foster mom says he is “one of the most easy-going dogs we’ve ever had.” And at only 40 lbs, Jace will fit in perfectly
in his new furrrrever home!



Chance is a sweet 2 year old boy, who was abandoned at a deer camp. He is such a gentle soul, and although he can be slightly timid at first, he quickly warms up and turns into one giant wigglebutt once he knows you! Chance LOVES people and LOVES cuddle time. He’s been great with the other dogs in his foster home, and would do well in a house with other dogs or one where he could be the center of attention! Do you have room
for this gentle soul?



Gypsy is a 6 month old female shepherd mix who is a total DYNAMO! She is a fiery, sassy, independent, and hilarious girl who loves, loves, loves to PLAY! Gypsy requires a very active new home, and would do best in one without children, due to her incredibly clever and wily nature! The world is Gypsy’s oyster - don’t you want to join?!



It’s hard to tell what breed Cosmic is, but what we can guarantee is that it’s a mix of adorable, loving, and playful! What we do know is his mom looks like a border collie mix and he is about 3 months old, so we think he’ll be a medium-sized boy. He is being fostered in a home with kids, cats, and dogs and he loves to get the “puppy crazies” with all of them! But even with all of his playfulness, he is a gentle treat taker and loves to find a cozy spot to nap and chill.



Looking for your next world-class fetch artist? Harley has got your covered! At about a year old and 50 lbs, Harley is always looking for the next catch! She’s no couch potato, and will need an active home and a fenced yard, as she is happiest when she’s outside running, digging, or just soaking in the rays. Obviously she’s got some Lab that shines through, but she’s also got some herding background, as she loves to keep all of her people together. Something must have happened in Harley’s past, as she’s a little fearful of men, new people, and voices being raised, so her future family will need to give her extra loving to teach her about all the good in her doggie world!


Dr. Pepper (aka Sgt. Pepper)

Chocoholics - behold! If you are a chocolate lover, Dr. Pepper is your boy! Dr. Pepper is your typical Lab, with his share of goofiness and affection. Pulled on his last day from a kill shelter in Arkansas, he now spends his days playing with his foster siblings, loving his walks, and playing fetch ALL.THE.TIME. Dr. Pepper is about 5 years old, weighs about 75 lbs., and is still puppy-active (just ask the tennis balls he destroyed this week!). If you’re looking for a smile and constantly wagging tail to greet you everyday, Dr. Pepper is ready to meet you!



Bulldog lovers, we have got your girl! Meet Zoyi, our 7 year old, 50 lb bully queen! If you love the breed because they are goofy, silly, lumbering clowns, then you’ll love our sweet girl. She thinks she is quite the “sneaker” when she just appears to try to land in her foster mom’s lap for cuddles, and plays with visiting kids like she thinks she’s one of them! Zoyi currently lives with other dogs, cats, and kids that visit often…and she’s been great with all of them. In fact, she’s a healthy girl for her age, with only a touch of arthritis. So who can give this young at heart bully girl a furrrever home?



Milroy is a young, gentle ball python, who loves to be held! In fact, his favorite thing to do is to hang out wrapped around your wrist! Milroy loves attention and will stretch himself to the top of his tank when he wants to make sure he has yours! And as for routine, well our boy here is as good as they come! He wakes up around 7 a.m. when his foster turns his daytime lamp on and he goes to bed around 8 p.m. when his heat lamp turns on. As for eating, he currently eats one live mouse a week, but will moving to two in the near future. If you’re interested in Milroy, fill out an application below. But please note that you must have prior reptile experience and have an exotic veterinarian reference.



Pepsi is our cuddle bug cutie cat! Pepsi, her mom, and her 3 siblings were dropped at someone’s house in rural Pulaski county, hungry and covered in fleas. After a few good meals and getting cleaned up, Pepsi and her crew are ready to find their homes. Currently, Pepsi is working on her socialization, as she’s a friendly girl, but it takes her just a moment to realize that you’re her bud. Once you pass the sniff test, watch out: she is a huge cuddle bug! Her foster home has dogs, cats, and children, so she will be a great addition to most homes! If you have room for this sweet girl in your pack, send in an application below!